What Summer Time Means To Me:

The gentle whispering call of the winds wrestling through the Evergreen maple leaves.

White fluffy clouds designing themselves into various shapes.

The laughter and giggling of the children running through water sprinklers and sliding down slides at the Park.

Playing in the sand, While watching the waves and boats go by.

long drives and Camping trips.

Playing catch and tossing around the football with the little ones.

Smelling the sweet honeysuckles growing close by the house.

Picking wild blackberries and raspberries for Homemade cobbler.

The sounds of the ice cream truck and kids screaming.

Watching popsicles melting  and flowing down the hands and arms of tiny little fingers wrapped around the popsicle stick.

Late night summertime movies

Baking goodies for all the little kids at slumber parties & pillow fights.

Yes, That is what Summer time means to me.