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My Christian Non Fiction Book is my biggest Design so far…… Listed globally!!!!

Hoping to have a new book ready for release by the First of the year.


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Question: What is your Breaking Point?

What is your breaking point? Do you have one? Are you pushed so far  to limits that you

are at the verge of Breaking? Breaking Down, Breaking the Window, Breaking the Law,

etc. Have you snapped and reacted negatively? Did you close yourself off as a safe guard?

Or did you wash your hands entirely of the situation?

People like to push buttons….. Did you lose control and open the proverbial can of whoop


Did you get any positive results from telling the powers that be? Did they fix or control

the situation;

Or you ready to take the matters to the next level on your own?

Ever wonder how so many people are in prisons and sitting on Death row?

Have you been pushed to the extreme after no response from outside sources for


How many years can you claim as your badge of endurance, tolerance, turning the other cheek; AS others turn the blind eye ?

Did you reach out and actually help improve the situation or did you assist in making it

worse?  Increase the ridicule for all of the children around?  Helping them to see the

Norm in todays society is accepting, encouraging abuse.  Teaching it is better to laugh at,

add too, Ignore, or turn a blind eye to the entire situation.

Making excuses for turning a blind eye is just as bad as encouraging or participating in

the act itself.

What is your acceptance level? What are your moral standards. Continue reading Question: What is your Breaking Point?